Argonne Accelerator Institute Members


Karoly Nemeth



Argonne National Laboratory

Job Title:


(630) 252-5813


Accelerator Systems Division

Areas of Research Interest

Laser plasma accelerators, solid state physics of cathods, electron clouds.

Selected List of Publications

  • K. Nemeth, K.C. Harkay, M. van Veenendaal, L. Spentzouris, M. White, K. Attenkofer, G. Srajer: High-Brightness Photocathodes through Ultrathin Surface Layers on Metals, Physical Review Letters 104, 046801 (2010).
  • K. Nemeth, B. Shen, Y. Li, R. Crowell, K.C. Harkay and J.R. Cary: Laser-driven coherent betatron oscillation in a laser-wakefield cavity, Physical Review Letters 100, 095002 (2008).
  • B. Shen, Y. Li, K. Nemeth, H. Sheng, Y-C Chae, R. Soliday, R. Crowell, E. Frank, W. Gropp, J. Cary: Electron-injection by nanowire in the bubble regime, Physics of Plasmas 14, 053115 (2007).