The Argonne Accelerator History Document Collection

General Documents (relating to past accelerator work at Argonne)

References - Document Access Guide

  • Argonne National Laboratory 1946-96, J.M. Holl, University of Illinois Press, ISBN: 025202341 (1997).
    (Located in the Argonne Research Library)
  • A Special Interest: The Atomic Energy Commission, Argonne National Laboratory, and the Midwestern Universities; Leonard Greenbaum, University of Michigan Press, ISBN: 0472083511 (1971).
    (Located in the Argonne Research Library)
  • Lee Teng Autobiography: Accelerators and I, Beam Dynamics Newsletter, No. 35, p 8-19, December (2004).
    (Located in Beam Dynamics Newsletter )
  • “O Camelot! A Memoir of the MURA Years”, F.T. Cole (1994).
    (Located at JACoW )
  • Conceptual Design of a Rapid Cycling Synchrotron for the KFA - Julich Spallation Neutron Source, ANL-KFA Study Group, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL, January (1983).
    (Argonne National Laboratory Document)

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