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APS---Advanced Photon Source (operation: 1996-ongoing)

The APS is a 3rd generation synchrotron radiation source,  It uses a 7 GeV electron storage ring of 1104 meters circumference to support 70 x-ray beam lines which can be used simultaneously. Thirty-five of the beam lines can utilize insertion devices which substantially increase the intensity of the x-ray beams.  The APS is a national user facility, which supports over 3000 user experiments per year. The APS x-ray beams are presently (2008) the brightest ones in the US.  Similar hard x-ray synchrotron sources are located in Europe (ESRF) and Japan (Spring-8). 

In this historical collection we have listed only a few of the early documents. Extensive material covering the APS can be found at the APS web site.

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