The Argonne Accelerator Institute Historical Document Collection

Document Access Guide

The documents in this collection are held in several repositories, some of which have restricted access. This guide explains the different types of access, and specifies the access levels for each repository.


Name Access
Argonne National Laboratory Document Open Access
Argonne Research Library Hard Copy Only
Beam Dynamics Newsletter Open Access
DOE Information Bridge Open Access
IEEE Xplore Library Subscription Required
JACoW Open Access
Journal of Applied Physics Subscription Required
Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research, Section A Subscription Required
Physical Review A Subscription Required
Physical Review Letters Subscription Required
Physical Review Special Topics-Accelerators and Beams Open Access
Review of Scientific Instruments Subscription Required
Science Subscription Required

Types of Access

Open Access

All users will be able to access these documents electronically.  Follow the instructions on the remote site to access the document.

Subscription Required

Electronic documents are available by subscription only. Argonne intranet users will be able to automatically access these documents using an Argonne subscription.  Outside users may need to provide their own subscription.

Hard Copy Only

The documents are not available electronically. In this case, the link will take you to the Argonne Library site. Argonne intranet users will be taken to the internal site and should locate the link reading “Submit Request” and follow the instructions.

Requests from users outside Argonne cannot be honored directly. In some cases an inter-library transfer can be set up, or a physical on-site visit could be arranged to view the material.

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