Argonne Accelerator Institute Members

Bela Erdelyi B. Erdelyi
Phone: (630) 252-7066
E-mail address:
Division and group: Physics

Areas of Research Interest

Main research is in the general area of beam physics. Nonlinear dynamics and applications of symplectic methods to Hamiltonian systems. Computational accelerator physics, Differential Algebraic methods. Design and optimization problems (fragment separators, spectrometers, compact synchrotrons).

Selected List of Publications

  • COSY Infinity’s EXPO Symplectic Tracking for the LHC, with M.L. Shashikant and M. Berz, Institute of Physics Conference Series, 175, 299-306 (2004)
  • Beam-Beam Effects at the Fermilab Tevatron: Theory, with T. Sen, Phys. Rev. -STAB 7 (2004) 041001
  • Local Theory and Applications of Extended Generating Functions, with M. Berz, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 11, 3 (2004) 241-282
  • A Parallel Code for Lifetime Simulations in Hadron Storage Rings in the Presence of Parasitic Weak-Strong Beam-Beam Interactions, with A. Kabel, Y. Cai, T. Sen and M. Xiao, Proceedings of PAC 2003, Portland, OR (2003)
  • Optimal Symplectic Approximation of Hamiltonian Flows, with M. Berz, Phys. Rev. Lett., 87, 11 (2001) 114302
  • Feasibility Study-II of a Muon-Based Neutrino Source, S. Ozaki, R. Palmer, M. Zisman, and J. Gallardo eds., BNL-52623; available at; June 2001
  • Towards Accurate Simulation of Fringe Field Effects, with M. Berz and K. Makino, Nuclear Instruments and Methods A, 472 (2001) 533-540
  • Differential Algebraic Determination of High-Order Off-Energy Closed Orbits, Chromaticities, and Momentum Compactions, with M. Berz, W. Wan, and K.Y. Ng, Nuclear Instruments and Methods, A 427, 310-314 (1999).
  • Global Theory of Extended Generating Functions, Bela Erdelyi, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 33(4): 553-578 (2006).
  • Fringe field effects in small rings of large acceptance, M. Berz, B. Erdélyi, and K. Makino. Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams, 3, 124001 (2000).